ICBC Steps: At the accident

At the Accident

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Being in a car accident is stressful and shocking.  Your main concern after an accident is the health and safety of yourself and any passengers in your car.

That being said, it is important that you take steps to obtain important information that is necessary for your claim.  You should take these steps even if you do not feel like you are hurt because your pain may not start for a few days and, when it does, it could be too late. (more…)

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Vancouver ICBC claims lawyers ICBC Steps: Your family doctor

Your Family Doctor

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Your family doctor is one of the most important people in your case.

Your family doctor knows your medical history and will be one of the few if not only medical professional who will be able to compare your physical condition before and after the accident.

Your doctor will also monitor your recovery and may refer you to specialists and other health care providers as your case progresses.  In addition to that, your doctor will determine if you need to be off work following an accident and will help you to decide when it is appropriate for you to return. (more…)

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Personal injury law ICBC Steps: Free legal consultation

Free Legal Consultation

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Free Legal Consultationclose

Our firm offers free legal consultation for all ICBC injury claims. You can contact us by phone or email to setup a meeting with one of our lawyers.

This legal consultation is free of charge whether or not you retain us. We always prefer to speak to clients as soon as possible following an accident in case there are sensitive legal issues that may impact your ICBC claim. (more…)

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ICBC Steps: Treatment and Recovery

Treatment and Recovery

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Treatment of your accident injuries comes in many different forms.

There are the usual treatments recommended by doctors for soft tissue injuries such as physiotherapy, massage therapy, active rehab, acupuncture, and chiropractic and then there are more targeted therapies, for example specialists, cognitive behavioral therapy, trigger point injections, vestibular therapy and concussion clinics.  Your doctor should refer you for various types of treatment until you recover from your injuries.  The type of treatment you are referred to will depend on what your injuries are, how severe they are, and how long they have been going on.  It is important to follow your doctor’s treatment advice because you have a duty under law to mitigate your damages.  In layman’s terms, when it comes to treatment, you have to do your best to try to get better. (more…)

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ICBC Steps: Choose your lawyer

Choose Your Lawyer

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It is important to hire a lawyer to maximize your personal injury claim. Equally important, however, is that you hire the right lawyer. This involves a number of considerations (more…)

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ICBC Steps: reporting an ICBC claim

Reporting an ICBC Claim

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You have a legal duty to notify ICBC if a vehicle you own or are driving is involved in an accident that injured someone or damaged property.

Even if you are not the owner or driver, you must promptly notify ICBC to preserve your claim to ICBC benefits. There are three steps that you must take (more…)

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ICBC Steps: starting a lawsuit

Starting a Lawsuit

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If you have a motor vehicle accident injury claim, the general rule is that you must either settle the claim or start a court action, within two years from the date of loss.

Otherwise, your claim will be barred.  Note that this two year limitation period does not start until you turn 19. (more…)

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ICBC Steps: Experts


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Depending on your symptoms and the course of recovery, you may require specialized medical advice.

This step is usually taken after you have exhausted the primary treatment options such as physiotherapy and active rehabilitation and you have had little or …

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ICBC Steps: Mediation


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Another procedure in our Supreme Court Rules to encourage settlement is mediation.  This is a process where the parties voluntarily agree to meet before a mediator to try and resolve the claim.

The mediator has no power to force the …

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If you are unable to reach settlement of your case, the final step is trial. This is the last resort.  Trial can be a stressful and risky process but sometimes it is necessary because ICBC refuses to pay adequate compensation …

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